For most active people today, qualitive physical activity every day is simply the most enjoyable and safest activity. Physical activity is physiologically necessary for all age groups, and this is a priority for the Lithuanian state.

Therefore, Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations organises Lithuanian Youth and Sports Hope Games. These games are organized for more than a decade and are a good example of how developing physical activity within youth can help you discover the talents of excellence.

The games are well-known all-over Lithuania, which includes youth with different backgrounds and social groups. Regional competitions for various sports take place in absolutely every municipality, and the final stages, which identify the strongest young athletes in the sport, take place all over the country. There are a lot of cities and this makes the games even more impressive. The final places for team games and individual sports are determined by the results of the region, semi-finals and finals. Multiple zones are divided equally and the average points are counted for each team.

In 2018, the games included 27 sports competitions: 10 strategic and 17 other sports. About 7 thousand young people competed in the final stage. Three Lithuanian athletics records were achieved during the Games. Improved six athletics, six shooting and three weightlifting and three archery match records.

Lithuanian Youth and Sports Hope Games is one example of youth physical education in Lithuania. The Lithuanian sports community lives on thanks to such beautiful youth sports event that brings all together.