On July 23, the BeActive Beach Games European Family Cup 2022 will be held in Ventspils, offering an opportunity to spend an active day with your family and receive valuable prizes – flight vouchers worth 600 EUR, 800 EUR or 1,000 EUR.

To participate in the European Family Cup, it is required to register at www.pludmalesspeles.lv by July 20. Since the number of participants is limited, on-site registration will not be possible on the day of the event. To enter a family competition, a team must have two adults and at least two (or more) children aged 7 to 15 years inclusive. No prior athletic training is required.

“The purpose of the European Family Cup is to promote an active lifestyle in families regardless of age and skills, as well as to show how diverse a family recreation on the beach can be. Among the participants are the families of two BeActive Beach Games ambassadors – track and field athlete Lauma Grīva and beach volleyball player Alexander Samoilov. The competition will also include families from the Baltic States, Ireland, Denmark, France, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Poland,” shares the organizer of the games, Einars Fogelis, President of the Latvian Sports Federations Council (LSFP), encouraging families to seize the opportunities of this diverse event.

Throughout the day of the competition (from 12:00 till 17:00), families will perform tasks that include various sports and skills – relays with speed and agility activities with elements of beach games, balance tasks. Families will compete in SUP paddling, activities in the sand, as well as a final relay race.

Each team in the Family Cup will receive match shirts for participation, incentive prizes from the partners and organizer of BeActive Beach Games, as well as prizes will be awarded. The winners of the first three places will receive flight vouchers worth 1,000 EUR, 800 EUR or 600 EUR, as well as one flight voucher worth 600 EUR will be drawn among other teams (other than the first three places) who have participated in at least 8 checkpoints.

The European Family Cup will take place on the Blue Flag beach in Ventspils on July 23 from 12:00 to 17:00. The maximum number of families allowed for sporting events is 40, so please apply in advance at www.pludmalesspeles.lv.

Visit www.pludmalesspeles.lv to learn more about BeActive Beach Games. Follow the latest information in social media accounts of project partners using the hashtags #BeActiveAtBeach, #BeActive, #LSFP.

BeActive Beach Games are designed to find new ways to attract people, regardless of age, health, fitness or skills, to an active lifestyle on beaches – both natural and artificially created (for example, in an urban setting). The sports games model has been created within the framework of the Erasmus+ project by the Latvian Sports Federations Council in cooperation with other European and international sports organizations. This year, families and representatives of sports organizations from nearly ten other European countries come to Ventspils for beach sports games to expand the movement of beach sports in their countries.

Additional information:
Ronalds Režais,
Latvian Sports Federations Council
+371 68622304